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10-foot deep sinkhole closes NB GW Parkway for next several days

By May 11, 2019 May 14th, 2019 2 Comments


  • GaryNOVA says:

    Want to hear something funny? Police officer
    Here. I trained a guy once and we were traveling south bound on route 1. We both turned our heads because northbound had
    Almost entirely caved in because of a
    Sinkhole. The ground was either gone or underwater. Bigger than this.

    My rookie just kept driving. I looked at him and asked “ you gonna do something about that? He , no joke said “ what am I supposed to do?”

    I told him to turn the fucking car around and close down the road. Call VDOT to fix it.

    So much of police work is trial and error. you make mistakes and then you don’t make them again because you don’t forget. Still funny though. Glad I don’t have my field training instructer telling stories about me being a rookie 19 years ago.

  • Henry_Campbell_Black says:

    One would think these sinkholes would trigger investment in permeable road surfaces- it’s easy to see how an impermeable layer over friable soil is going to direct water under and around…

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