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Any day on I-95

By June 14, 2019 13 Comments


  • tanjental says:

    Or I-81… except there’d be a few wrecks in the process there.

  • Houseofcards32 says:

    this isn’t I-95, there are no wrecks!

  • hawkesinthebay says:

    Being able to communicate and prevent this is just part of how self-driving cars will remarkably reduce (but probably not eliminate) traffic and traffic jams on highways. Being able to communicate car to car (to car to car…) and avoid this type of reactionary shockwave effect will be glorious.

  • Josefus says:

    Leave a cushion. Let everyone else do that too. It’s not a race!

  • cmandd says:

    Know when your exit is coming up and get in the correct lane ahead of time, and don’t preemptively slow down in anticipation when you are 1/4 to 1 mile away from the exit.
    And restrict trucks from the far left lane on all interstates.

  • AnOrdinaryMelon says:

    All because Karen decided she needed to slow down to grab another cig!

  • 1992_ says:

    And this is all because people can’t fucking drive

  • Farlander2821 says:

    This is a great example of how 1 person slamming their brakes for no reason can legitimately cause a backup that can last upwards of an hour in the right (wrong) conditions

  • cenobyte40k says:

    This almost exclusively comes down to tailgating.

  • whoopdedo says:


    There’s two things going on here from what I can tell. The first we see only the tail end of. The two tractor trailors approach cars that have already slowed down. That’s the tail end of something that happened up ahead, probably a bad merge at the end of that weigh station. Those trucks have to slow down and that makes the cars behind them hit the brakes. Now you’ve got a second logjam. Looks like the real moron there is the guy in the left lane who’s too chicken to pass a truck. Also that too many drivers were just cruising in the left giving no place for anyone to pass.

  • ahk1188 says:

    64E headed too the beach too.

  • 0bel1sk says:

    cant wait for autonomous vehicles.

  • Whiskey_Ryan says:

    Watching this enrages me

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