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Anyone else confused by this sign?

By May 12, 2019 May 13th, 2019 5 Comments


  • VinceCully says:

    I get the 1970s beer can in the foreground, but I cannot figure out that other bit of detritus for the life of me.

  • whoopdedo says:

    I see enough trash on the side of roads and in forests that yes, I suppose many people are confused by that sign.

  • Hitcher06 says:

    It always looked to me like an old style phone handset

  • madmoneymcgee says:

    As a kid only seeing those signs as I was driven by them I always thought the sign kind of looked like an out-board motor.


    Which seeing one of those on the side of the road still counts as littering.

  • itsmellslikefish says:

    As a kid I always saw that can like some animal took a giant bite out of it and the littering was killing animals.

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