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Augusta County to consider ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ designation

By December 2, 2019 December 3rd, 2019 One Comment

One Comment

  • flagwavingbot says:

    Have any of the 22 counties mentioned in the article gone into detail about the scope of their refusal to enforce hypothetical new state laws? I’m thinking in particular of red flag laws. These counties are really thinking they’re going to get judges to refuse to hear red flag cases or at least refuse to enter orders against people who are truly mentally ill or in crisis? I doubt there are many judges willing to completely disregard valid state law. Or maybe the counties are thinking the police will refuse to obey the court order in red flag cases? Can’t imagine that going over very well with judges.

    It just seems like any of these counties would be one Creigh Deeds-type situation away from this blowing up in their faces.

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