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Charlottesville to ask Virginia Supreme Court to settle issue of Confederate monuments

By October 9, 2019 7 Comments


  • cvillecville says:

    The Monument Fund(those who want to keep the statues), is seeking more than $600,000 in attorneys’ fees. This will cost the City more money to appeal. It’s a lot of money but if the City wins they would owe the MF nothing. If the City loses they could be on the hook for upwards of $1 million dollars.

    One would hope that this suit would be joined by others in the state that want local control of their public places.

  • All4one75 says:

    Let the people and cities control what is displayed in their public areas, If a city wants to remove the statues of traitors they should be allowed to remove them.

  • Billyblack05 says:

    I understand the “historical significance” argument, but it doesn’t hold much water once you realize these statues went up after the war was over and done with. If you still want to keep them, put them in a museum. Statues are for winners, not losers.

  • rawr_gunter says:

    Let’s take the monument part out of this because it is emotionally charged, and the law is not.

    Charlottesville is claiming that the state code prohibiting removal violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment by displaying “racist” messages to people of color.

    This is a flimsy argument that has no prior precedent. Even the Norfolk case, which states the state law violates the 1st Amendment by forcing Norfolk to speech they don’t agree with, has a better chance. But a better chance is still a longshot in that there is no precedent to rule that a city can have their rights their rights are violated by a state.

    If people want the statues to come down, then they need to lobby the state in order to change the law. But grasping out at straws over supposed violations of a municipality’s loss of rights are far fetched and will have greater unintended consequences (will FOIA requests now need probably cause under the 4th Amendement for instance?)

  • bknutner says:

    As someone who reads SCOVA opinions all the time I can tell you “according to state law” is how most of them end and that’s not gonna help them out this time.

  • Sardorim says:

    It’s simple.

    Tear them all down.

    We should never celebrate traitors and racists.

  • Ttgxyolo says:

    To put things into perspective of how dumb the people leading the charge on this are, just look at the Preston Avenue situation.

    It is comical how utterly stupid the city board is. As a person who spends a lot of time in Charlottesville, nobody gives a shit about the statues, you have to go out of your way to get offended by them.

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