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Couples were asked to tell their race for a Virginia marriage license. Now they’re suing.

By September 8, 2019 12 Comments


  • Silverseren says:

    >Virginia is one of eight states that ask couples to identify their race before they can marry, according to the lawsuit. The others include Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana and Minnesota. In New Hampshire a court clerk fills out the information about a couple’s race. Alabama has couples fill out a certificate “that requires a statement of their race,” the lawsuit says.

    >The plaintiffs also argued that there is no uniformity among counties over racial labels. In Arlington, where two of the couples went to obtain a license, they had to choose from: American Indian/Alaskan Native; African American/Black; Asian; Caucasian; Hispanic/Latino; Pacific Islander or Other.

    >In Rockbridge County, there was a list of “approved races” that included “Aryan,” “Octoroon,” “Quadroon” and “Mulatto,” the suit states.

  • Capissen38 says:

    I’ll bet this gets fixed with the quickness. Sounds like something that’s been on the books since forever and no one even thought about it. Should be an easy win.

  • Ragnar_Danneskjoeld says:

    I don’t see why they’re surprised; the whole reason marriage licenses are a thing was to prevent interracial marriages. I personally think it’s pretty perverse that the government has any involvement in people’s private relationships.

  • irate_alien says:

    Is the state actually contesting this? I’d love to hear what their defense is. I thought Richmond was going to do a big review of the state code to get rid of these vestigial race based laws

  • HIVnotAdeathSentence says:

    Virginia truly is a Southern state.

  • InsideFastball says:

    Oh, but that good, ol’ guvnor blackface… the clean up needs to start with him.

  • ciabattabing16 says:

    This is a great example of why the same sex marriage debate disappointed me. It was a national movement and gained a ton of steam, but instead of pushing for it, I’d have rather it made the country ask why the government is involved in marriage in the first place. The arguments of taxes, medical decisions, and estates can all easily be handled with minor legislative adjustments. There’s no reason the States need to license or recognize marriage.

  • klpilch says:

    Just another thing to add to my list of reasons I will never sign a marriage license

  • [deleted] says:

    I really think people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  • atmpls says:

    People are upset about this but not when colleges ask for your race 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • MrDinkles7767 says:

    People need to get a grip and stop letting words spin them up. This is a ridiculous lawsuit

  • Sparky0101 says:

    My Wife and I were asked that in Fairfax County two years ago and didn’t really think anything of it. We are used to people looking at us with long stares. It’s why we live in Fairfax County and not Rockbridge. We like the diversity in NoVA and the fact that we are not the only interracial couple up here. But we still get the looks. It’s why I didn’t join the American Legion Post right down the street, instead joining one about 5 miles away.

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