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Danville public schools buys food truck to insure students are fed over the summer.

By June 13, 2019 5 Comments


  • iamkuato says:

    We have a few in Harrisonburg. We’ve been feeding kids year round for years.

  • campbellsouup says:

    That’s awesome! -In Roanoke county they recently announced that they’re going to keep the school cafeterias open this summer for lunch as well.

    [Anyone age 18 or younger can eat for free at the four sites, no matter their residency. “You could live in Roanoke County, Roanoke city, Salem or Mars. If you’re 18 or under the meal is free,” said schools spokesman Chuck Lionberger.]

    I’m glad they are offering this but damn, I wish there was more that could be done to help the kids in these situations as well as the families that genuinely do need help. I hope they will have some people there to talk to if kids are in need of help in other ways as well.

  • middledeck says:


  • sexuallyactivepope says:

    Hope they hire high schoolers to staff it for the summer. Jobs, plus off the street, plus gain real world experience plus feel good about your community.

  • Iconoclastt says:

    What Danville is doing is great, but begs the question: Do children in an above average GDP per capita state in the world’s richest country not access have reliable sources of food tear round? This article reminds me of this one:

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