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Eastville #1 in the state for law enforcement revenues

By September 9, 2019 September 10th, 2019 4 Comments


  • roonerspize says:

    It’s because of Smitty. That deputy has his own day in court for all of his speeding tickets he’s written.

  • eaglescout1984 says:

    That’s impressive for the number of small town speed traps in Virginia.

  • dissmani says:

    Deep down, when $3 out of every $4 in a town comes from traffic enforcement you’re doing something wrong. It isn’t about public safety anymore, and using application of civil and criminal law to collect revenue isn’t the role of government, and just fundamentally feels wrong.

  • swonkdar says:

    Welp, after all the years of tax cuts this is how localities make their money now. You still pay, just in the form of traffic tickets instead of taxes…

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