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Forecasters see a shrinking rural Va. population

By October 11, 2019 11 Comments


  • Nona_Biba says:

    Bad news for our schools 🙁 and pretty much everything else in a county. It’s kind of scary, considering how poverty and drugs already are at higher levels in sparse counties.

  • M795 says:

    Danville/Pittsylvania checking in. Been here since 2011. Not surprised a bit. Jobs are hard to come by, city schools are shit, good healthcare doesn’t exist, and we pay the highest municipal-owned utility rates in the whole fucking state. As an added bonus, traffic is horrendous for small city.

    As soon as I’m able to, I’m GTFO. Fuck this place.

  • Stan_Halen_ says:

    I know where I’m retiring to now.

  • walmartboburnham says:

    Damn right. I’m out of this state in 3 months!

  • poncewattle says:

    I see Page County is pink. I love it here. Close enough to go to places that have things that denser population offers but far enough away to keep out the crowds. Plus it’s downright beautiful.

    Fortunately for me most of my work is done remotely, but yeah, jobs are a problem for most.

  • Silverback_6 says:

    Can you blame 20 year olds for moving to areas where they can find work that pays more than $10/hour? It’s a downward spiral; a catch-22. These places have historically sought to preserve their “way of life,” but that way of life doesn’t exist in the real world anymore, and so entire communities are vacated of anyone with the wherewithal to leave. The modern industries and infrastructure that were necessary to develop and invest in 25 years ago to attract young people, businesses, modern high-paying jobs with career potential, etc. don’t exist in Bath County like they do in Loudoun. And once everyone leaves, the tax revenue available to the county to try to develop those sorts of things vanishes with them, leading to even more underfunding of the basic tools and technologies necessary for a community to continue to be able to compete for business & residents (high speed internet, sewer and water, emergency services, public transit, recreational activities beyond heroin). So these places that are struggling now are going to be in a lot worse shape in 5-10 years because of these issues (and add on to that the fact that the old folks continuing to live there will have no one to take care of them; it’s happening already in Maine). I’m not sure what a precise solution is, but I know these places need to HEAVILY and quickly invest in their futures, or they won’t have one.

  • jgo3 says:

    One day the entire world is going to have to find an economic prosperity model better than “eternal growth.”

  • michapman2 says:

    One of the challenges with this is that the whole “rural vs urban” thing is somewhat axiomatic. If a rural area’s population actually *did* grow instead of shrink it often is reclassified into an urban area once it crosses certain thresholds.

    This means that if we are using some economic or demographic measures to evaluate rural areas then they’re always going to fail because if they succeeded then they wouldn’t fall into the same category.

  • idoitgrannystyle says:

    without NoVa, Virginia is basically Arkansas. beautiful, but poor, uneducated, no hope of getting better, riddled with drug abuse/poverty/mental health issues, terrible schools, etc. oh, and of course all the rednecks that vote against their own self interests.

  • Kal-ElofKrypton says:

    I’m from Winchester, but now living in Richmond/Chester area.

    I’m really enjoying the “stuff” Richmond has to offer, but I also miss the beauty of the mountains and the Shenandoah Valley..

    My reason for moving supports most of your points though… Last year, I lost my job. Maxed out my unemployment (6 months) looking for jobs in my field… Started applying in Richmond, and had 2 job offers in a week and half.

    Traffic here isn’t nearly as bad as NOVA, although it has it’s time. From what I’ve seen, Richmond has decent infrastructure for continued growth, balanced with some good outdoors things to do. If someone could just put some mountains here, I’d be in heaven.

  • AdvRetro says:

    That took a, team of forecasters to come to that conclusion?

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