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Probe: Ex-Virginia governor kissed student without consent

By July 11, 2019 7 Comments


  • Trumpologist says:

    gdi stop it va

  • Klaus_Reckoning says:

    C’mere sweetheart! Give ole uncle Douggy a kiss!!

  • unothatmultiverse says:

    Doug has done much Wilder.

  • rawr_gunter says:

    Here is a summary written by me:


    Wilder was being a creepy old man and hit on a 20 year old. He bought her drinks, which she willingly accepted although being underaged, and they had a consensual makeout session. He promised her career advancement, and then reneged on his word. She was mad/embarrassed she whored herself out to a man her grandfather’s age and received nothing in return except haunting dreams. She is now claiming sexual assault for a choice she made and now regrets.

  • Dthdlr says:

    Wow, way to play up the political angle on something that has nothing to do with politics.

    Hasn’t been Governor since 1994. The incident isn’t part of a political campaign etc.

    The headline should be: VCU Professor kissed student without consent.

    I’m no fan of Wilder and the Dem party has major issues in VA but I don’t know what role he currently plays in the party or what influence he has.

    But this incident, while bad, has nothing to do with him having been Governor over 20 years ago.

  • SwegSmeg says:

    Cue the Trumpers yelling “OMFG how dare he… not rape her in a dressing room!!”

  • Myfourcats1 says:

    Screw you Doug Wilder

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