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Trial Begins in Challenge to 4 Abortion Laws in Virginia

By May 20, 2019 2 Comments


  • moonlandings says:

    What’s the reason for opposing physician only? Seems like a reasonable restriction honestly. Same with second trimester requiring surgical intervention. Those at least seem aimed at ensuring women’s safety.

  • KomFur says:

    According to the article this trial will be decided by Henry Hudson, who has a long history of being republican. Seems unlikely these obviously unnecessary laws will be removed.

    >During cross-examination by Courtney Paulk, a lawyer for the state, Nichols acknowledged that he formed his opinion about Virginia’s abortion laws without ever observing an abortion in Virginia or ever talking to any abortion providers in the state. He also acknowledged that although there is a low rate of complications during abortions, some more serious complications would require a woman to be hospitalized.

    How are those first two points even relevant? The third argument seems valid, but as others have noted, more serious procedures can be performed without these added precautions. And if there is reason to believe complications may occur, the procedure could still be done in hospital.

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