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Virginia gov says he’s restored civil rights to 22K felons

By October 10, 2019 October 11th, 2019 5 Comments


  • longhairedcountryboy says:

    And the same guy wants to take our guns.

  • [deleted] says:



    isn’t this the blackface governor?

  • HueyLongist says:

    Translation: We are desperate for votes

  • n2thetaboo says:

    He didn’t ask the general assembly to end the Jim Crow era laws because he really doesn’t care about repealing them. He just enjoys the power of deciding whose rights he restores and whose he doesn’t. So a disgraced and racists politician embraced narcissism and bragged about it to the press. The press didn’t track down a single person he claimed to have helped. That might have required actual work.

    This is all seems pretty par for the course for 2019.

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