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Virginia lawmaker backs full cannabis legalization

By October 11, 2019 6 Comments


  • sonderweg74 says:

    I don’t think the author of the article understands how laws are made. The attorney general is not a lawmaker.

  • wraylorcorbett says:

    Uggghhh. Umm, yeah…. not how that works. He enforces the laws…

  • BudCortsGF says:

    Why the heck hasn’t Virginia already done this? Could be great for farmers here.

  • KoolDiscoDan says:

    To those saying he’s ‘not a lawmaker’ and ‘(h)e enforces the law’. You are correct.

    However, one can back full cannabis legalization and not be in a legislative body.

    In fact, *anyone* can do it. But when the state’s chief law enforcement official gives his opinion, it holds more weight than most others. He also has discretion on what crimes to prosecute. It’s not nothing.

    (Also nowhere does the author of the article say the attorney general is going to legalize it. )

  • sfoldmanclan says:

    Hard to believe that the legacy tobacco industry in Virginia hasn’t warmed up to the idea of cannabis, hell did everyone at [Phillip Morri]( fall asleep at the wheel? They have already paid for the infrastructure, now they just need to get the farmers back in the game.

  • omw2fyb-- says:

    I just hope they can find some common sense and decriminalize it in 2020 so good people no longer have criminal records for something that over half this country can either get legally or get a ticket for possessing

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