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Virginia’s SOL pass rates decline; achievement gaps remain

By August 13, 2019 August 14th, 2019 14 Comments


  • miraculousmarsupial says:

    Fuck the SOLs. We spent like a month of the school year doing them. Worse yet, we did them in late April/early May so the people that fail them get another month and a half to cram and retake–which defeats the point of them if you think about it. Everyone else for that month did nothing or had to be “kept busy” with ridiculous projects.

    And that’s not even acknowledging the anxiety and stress they put kids under. Some teachers teach to the test all year and make it their Superbowl. It’s depressing.

  • KiloLee says:

    Fuck the SOLs indeed.

    “We don’t need to you actually learn anything, we need you to pass a test.”

  • Capissen38 says:

    Standardized testing at the level that it’s practiced today is fucking *evil*. Get rid of it and let kids be kids, not robots.

  • notyodoritos says:

    The kids are taught X all year long, then tested in Y for the SOL. You can’t suceed in a system like that.

  • A_lost_10mm_socket says:

    SOL’s are less about kids learning and more about determining if a school deserves to be funded.

  • ATastyBagel says:

    Here’s a link to the vdoe standard diploma requirements

    Just a heads up the site does not work well on mobile

  • Pun2143 says:

    As someone who’s taken SOLs their whole life, fuck em.

  • AquaRaven says:

    SOLs need to go away. I am glad I can skip some of them now if I already met my requirement.

  • ISayMemeWrong says:

    The state tied funding to test results. Shockingly, no one in administration cares about a thing, other than SOLs.

    When teachers do teach, it’s only for the SOL, because that is the ONLY thing that matters. That’s it. Administration couldn’t care less about anything except test results. On top of that, education is so administration heavy, there’s a bunch of experts at every grade forcing teachers to teach some random program that they learned about in some seminar/sales pitch.

    Not to mention behavior issues aren’t addressed, they’re hidden, because if they arent recorded officially then there aren’t any problems.

  • ITeechYoKidsArt says:

    Yay Shit-Outa-Luck tests!

  • splatter72 says:

    Last year in FFX County- there was questions that my son wasn’t even taught.
    And then they practice for the tests and then test out.

    Why do when need SOL’s ? Are they about, how the schools preformed and taught each student?

  • Baldwin41185 says:

    The issue is much more complicated than “SOLs suck so get rid of SOLs.” The issue really is that the education system for the longest time was not standardized. Kids in Henrico, Norfolk, Fairfax, and Albemarle all learned different things. Then in the early 2000s we decided to standardize the education system so that everyone gets taught the same thing to streamline pedegogy and allow for gaps to close because everyone learns the same material. However what happened in reality was that we created learning floors where everyone started teaching just so the kids reach the learning floor. But getting to that floor for a good student isn’t exactly difficult. I took the VSOL for US history my senior year as a new student with no prep or knowledge I was even taking the test that day and ended up missing only 2 questions. It was frankly a joke. And because of the poor standards now kids who go off to college are simply not prepared for the course load and rigor required particularly in English and math. It’s just a bad situation all around and a self defeating cycle. The good thing about standardized testing though is that it provides loads of useful data for assessing progress by individuals and population groups. But what good is all that data if nobody is going to use it? Not to mention that there’s really not a lot of incentive to change because what are your options besides fork over $15k for a private school, move school zones, or suck it up at the local public school. Virginia’s system is very antiquated and frankly I think a lot of people like it how it is as long as their kid gets into Tech or UVA.

  • miladmaz12 says:

    Thanks George Allen!

  • JohnsJons says:

    Shit Outta Luck

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