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Window tint question

By May 11, 2019 May 13th, 2019 3 Comments
Window tint question

I’m from NC and planning a visit to Bush gardens. Aside from going under the speed limit, taking my subwoofers out and keeping my underglow turned off, I’m really concerned about my window tint. It’s legal in NC but as I Google this issue I’m getting conflicting stories to other being harassed.

Front is 35% and back is 5% all the way around.

Thanks y’all[

[Window tint ](

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  • A-merica says:

    I’m pretty sure as long as it’s registered in NC(and legal) they cannot and will not mess with you, my brother had his car from Texas the same way and drove around Williamsburg for yrs, not 3 months after he switched to a Va registry he got a ticket for his tint. Hope you have a blast at busch(we get passes every year)

  • KiloLee says:

    Woofers are fine as long as you aren’t being obnoxious.

    Tint is untouchable since you’re registered out of state

  • ikimashokie says:

    Depends on your police person. I’ve been hassled for having an “expired” sticker on an out of state tag.

    I had a friend in college who was Florida legal and plated, she got several fix-it tickets for her tint.

    I expect a trip to Busch Gardens, they will leave you be, otherwise they’d be writing a lot of tickets for out of state tint.

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